Father, thank You for sending Your promised Holy Spirit, that in Him I am baptised and forgiven of all my sins, guaranteeing my salvation in Your holy Baptism.  The restoration of Your kingdom is unknown to me, but I thank You for establishing Your kingdom in Christ, who is עִמָנוּאֶל (Immanuel), whose Spirit is within me.  Let Your Holy Spirit work in me, and send me where You need me most, that others may hear the healing words of the Gospel.  I stand grateful for Christ’s ascension to Your right hand as my only Mediator before You.  Grant me grace and mercy for His sake as I look forward to the day He returns.  Just as the apostles were, help all brothers and sisters in Christ to be of one accord, praying together and for one another, aiding all those in need, neglecting no lost sinner.  Christ suffered and died on my behalf.  Give me strength in my suffering on account of Christ, even to the point of death, according to His Word in Luke 9:23.