Father, I thank You once again for my baptismal renewal in Your Holy Spirit.  Thank You for Your Paraclete who prays on my behalf when I lack the words for prayer.  You fulfilled the prophet Joel’s prophecy for our sake.  You pour out Your Spirit on us in Baptism.  You offer this to all people, for with You there is no partiality.  Grant me patience and comfort as I await the day of the Lord as Joel has described.  I wait eagerly for His return every day.  Until then, grant me patience and ready feet to march throughout the earth with the Gospel.

My sin put Jesus on the cross.  My guilt is ostensible, and yet You forgive my transgressions and chose to die for me.  And for me You conquered death.  Why such grace and mercy, O Lord, to save me from my rebellion against You?  Because of You, I will not see Hell, for You went there for me.  Above this You have given me Your Holy Spirit in Baptism for the remission of sins and baptismal regeneration, an undeserved gift.

Help all brothers and sisters in Christ to engage in fellowship with one another, pray together; give us generous hearts, encourage us to meet and eat together, rejoicing in You always, so that we may bring more people to You.