Lord, we no longer witness miracles like the ones Your apostles performed in Your name, but may we rejoice in You like the lame beggar for the gift and miracle of salvation You’ve given us.  Let us leap with joy and shout praises to You so that others may marvel at Your peace and mercy, that they may come to You.  Let people see not our resilience in our rejoicing, but rather see You in the freedom and joy You bring.  We are witnesses to You, O Lord.  Use our testimonies, experiences, and conversations to bring to You those who reject You so that they may come to faith.  Let them see You as the Author of our healing and salvation.  We all suffer, and let them see that You suffered on our behalf and therefore no longer have reason to fear death.  Though we still suffer, we no longer face the consequences of suffering, for You faced the consequences for us.  Daily I repent of my sins, and You blot them out.  I deserve death, and You give me life.  I am undeserving of this gift, but is is Your will that I receive it.  To You I commend my spirit.