Father, society has become annoyed and they hate us for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for remaining steadfast in Your name against sin.  And so they arrest us and sue us into poverty because of the Gospel we preach.  Lead others to faith in spite of our growing persecution.  Give us courage to testify about You when we stand in the courts that despise You.  Let our testimonies speak for themselves.  Though we are guilty of nothing illegal, courts still seek to punish us somehow.  If it should come to it that preaching Your Gospel is illegal, give us strength and courage to continue preaching.  The world’s rulers and their people may set themselves against You, but You always remain faithful to Your people, for their hardened hearts and rebellions against You are powerless.  They rage against You because they want control to set their own rules.  We face many threats today, Lord, but grant Your servants boldness to continue preaching the Gospel while You use us to heal others and while You perform miracles by hearing our prayers.

Let us continually come together to give to the needy.  Let us use our resources to give what we have to those who are lacking.  Give us generous hearts, O Lord, that no one may be in need, all the more as the Last Day draws near.