We are all hypocrites before You.  Let us not attempt to hide our hypocrisy, for the Lord sees all.  May our testimonies bring more into the Church rather than run from it.  Father, the world increasingly seeks to imprison us for Christ’s sake.  Grant us steadfast faith to keep going in spite of our growing adversaries.  Free us from persecution, O Lord, that we may bring the lost into the Light.  When government demands that we disobey Your Word with threats of imprisonment, loss of money, and death, let us boldly proclaim, “We must obey God rather than men” (v. 29), and continue to preach forgiveness of sins.  Though we are dishonoured and beaten for the sake of Christ, let us rejoice that we are worthy enough to suffer for His sake, for such persecution is only confirmation of Your validity and influence.  Let us, therefore, never cease preaching Jesus Christ as Lord of all and Redeemer of our sins.