O Lord, give us meek hearts to give to the needy generously.  Hinder all pride as we’d rather judge the poor, for they remind us of who we really are—destitute and smelly without our perfumed fortunes.  Let us experience humility so that we’d be humble enough to take care of our poor.  Thank You for clean food—that I may eat any food with a clear conscience and that I have food to eat.  I can purchase food because You allow it.  I recognise Your blessings in this country, and I thank You for it.

I give thanks also for my salvation, for You showed St. Peter that no person is unclean to receive You (v. 28).  For millennia You were the God of the Jews, but You also love Gentiles and desire a relationship with us; for we, too, were created in Your image.  So give us hearts of love to preach to our enemies of Your love through Jesus Christ on the cross—to continue Christ’s commission of teaching all that He is Lord of all, and that any who believe in Him receives forgiveness of sins.