Father, give us the discernment to call out false doctrines and heresies for what they are: abominations.  They choke the Gospel and invent new false gospels because man is stupid and arrogant.  Lord, sexual immorality perverts my country.  For these pagans, and even some brethren, sex has become the standard norm by which people judge morality.  They are deceived and blind with foolishness.  Show us the way back into Your grace so that sexual relations are no longer perverted and people look to You for guidance.  We worship many idols: sports, sex, celebrities, our pride, and various other things.  Lead these people to You, O Christ, for You alone are Lord of our lives, not these vain things.

Bless our pastors and spiritual leaders.  Give them courage and wisdom to call out such sins and preach a message of repentance in Jesus Christ.  May they receive the Gospel with open ears.  May none of us be silent against sin, but all the more call it out and lead people to You for forgiveness.  Solve all discord among brethren, that we may be united in Christ to increase Your kingdom.