Jesus, You died for our sins because we’re incapable of saving ourselves.  My short longevity is not enough to thank and praise You.  Lord, You turned the world upside down—doing the opposite of what we deserve and teaching the opposite of what we believe and practise.  Instead of worshipping the self, we worship You.  The unbelievers around us make themselves god—the self becomes sacred.  Because we do not worship the self, they grow angry and seek to destroy us and remove our national freedoms.  Father, protect us.  May we continue to freely worship You in this country.

They hate it when we teach Your Word in new places and to our children, accusing us of indoctrination, as if they themselves don’t indoctrinate their own children and other people with their false beliefs.  Deliver us from such irreligious ignorance.  My country is full of idols—sports, science, reason, the self, sex.  Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with these things, but for many they are objects of worship.  May these idols be revealed for what they truly are and be destroyed.  Use us to bring as many as You will to repentance and faith, that they may know the glory of the Father.