Thank You, Lord, for my Baptism and giving me Your Holy Spirit through it.  In it, I’ve done nothing; You do all the work.  Let Him do Your work in me to grant me Your wisdom and discernment.  Grant me the will and eloquence to boldly speak of Your kingdom.  When others stubbornly refuse to believe, may I simply walk away and dust off my feet.

Father, I often desire to heal the sick and wounded, but it is not Your will that I perform miracles in Your name.  Help me to accept what I cannot accept.  May my life bear witness to Your glory.  In the area of my life that dishonour You, work in them to conform to Your will.

You Word offends the idols of those who do not know You.  When Your Word offends their idolatry and sinful lifestyles, they seek to destroy us and remove our freedoms.  Deliver us, O God, from their iniquity.  Our groanings implore You.  We crave deliverance.  The wicked riot in the streets and in our courts against You.  How long, O Lord, must we endure this iniquity?  Judge them according to Your mercy, and bring us deliverance.

Your will be done.