Father, bless our pastors.  Bless them with Your wisdom and discernment as they encourage and exhort their congregations.  As the wicked plot against us, may we continue to serve You and our brothers and sisters in humility.  May our pastors encourage humble service.  May we always testify to the people repentance and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.  I know not where the Spirit will send me, or what will happen to me.  But I know You are always with me.  Though I love to live, my life is not precious to me; my only desire is that my life serves my ministry to testify the Gospel of Christ.  Give us the tools necessary to care for the Church—both global and local.  Wolves in sheep’s clothing have arisen; let us chase them out and care for the deceived.  May we remain alert of such false teachers.  Bless our efforts as we care for the weak and the poor, as we remember the words of our Lord, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”