Father, our enemies surround us. They imagine us guilty, and in order to prove us guilty they invent new laws to make it so. We commit no offence against actual laws but merely offend their subjective emotions when we proclaim Your name. But the government fears the people, so they favour their irrationalities and permit Christian persecution. We have done no wrong, which the authorities know, but in order to satisfy the tyranny of the emotionally unstable, they legislate unjust laws against Your people. There is no human authority to whom we can appeal who will give us a fair trial, so we appeal to You, O Lord. You are forever faithful to Your people. We beseech for Your deliverance. Our oppression will only increase. Grant our leaders wisdom and discernment to govern wisely. May they not govern with emotionally unstable hearts, but with rationally sound minds. If any emotion plays a role in their decision making, may it be level with a right spirit. Grant us this peace, O Lord, as Your will be done.