O Lord, I am not ashamed of the Gospel; I boldly confess Your name—salvation to everyone who believes. By faith I see God’s righteousness, and by faith He imputes His righteousness to me, thus justified. You have revealed Your wrath against all ungodliness and unrighteousness. You have been revealed in the Word, and all creation testifies of Your name; therefore, there is no excuse for unbelief. Their hearts are darkened and hardened, and their thoughts become foolish. They claim to be wise, but they speak foolishness as they idolise the things of this world. When their hearts are hardened without chance for reform, You deliver them over to their lusts.

Therefore, destroy all homosexuality and deliver them into purity; destroy unrighteousness and impute Your righteousness to them by faith; destroy evil and show them Your goodness, filling them with compassion; destroy covetousness and teach them humility; destroy malice and show them the joy of the Lord. Destroy envy and teach generosity; destroy murder and give them the Life in Jesus; destroy strife and give them peace; destroy deceit and give them the Truth of Christ; destroy maliciousness and teach them meekness. Destroy gossip and fill their mouths with truth and love; destroy all slander and let their lips speak encouragement and comfort; remove the haters of God into lovers of God; destroy insolence and teach humble respect; destroy haughty attitudes and teach them to be humble; move those who boast in themselves to boasting about You; destroy inventors of evil, that Your lovingkindness may abound; humble the disobedient children and teach them to honour their parents; destroy foolishness and give them Your wisdom; destroy faithlessness and gift them with Your faith; remove hardened hearts and soften their hearts; destroy ruthlessness and give them calmness.

They know that all who practise such things deserve death and they even approve of those who practise with them. May as many as You will come to know our Lord Jesus, who performs the great reversal of faith and changes us forever.