Keep me from hypocrisy, Father. May I exercise righteous judgement as Christ has taught. Your judgement is just, O God. The wicked think they will escape Your judgement, not realising that Your kindness is not weakness, but meant to lead us to repentance. So because of their unrepentant, hardened hearts, Your wrath will fall upon them.

You graciously give eternal life to those who seek You, and You justly give Your wrath to those who worship themselves and other unrighteous things. Tribulation awaits those who reject You, but You give glory, honour, and peace to Your children who do not deserve such grace. There is no partiality with You, for You offer salvation to all. Therefore, I praise You for saving me from Your coming wrath upon the unrighteous. Thank You, Christ, for being my propitiation and Redeemer. I deserve none of it. All glory, praise, and honour be to You, O Lord.

Only doers of the Law can be justified, and we cannot fulfil the Law. Therefore, Christ fulfilled it for us (Matthew 5:17); by His works alone we are justified. Grant me, therefore, the ability to preach what I teach—leading by example so that my hypocrisy does not lead others astray. Grant me this grace, O Lord.