Even when I am faithless, You remain faithful; by Your mercy, my faithlessness does not nullify Your faithfulness. When I break Your covenant, You keep it. My unrighteousness exposes Your righteousness. It is not unrighteous that You inflict Your wrath upon us, as Your enemies would deny. How else would we be judged? I am a sinner, but Your faithfulness is greater than my sin.

No one is righteous except You alone. We measure ourselves by our “good works,” but only You enable us to do good works. You hold the entire world accountable for their actions. All people will report to You. Works cannot justify, since this law only reveals our sin. But Your righteousness is received through faith in Jesus Christ. We all sin and fall short of Your glory. Therefore, we are only justified by the gift of Your grace through the redemption we receive from Jesus Christ, who was the propitiation of Your just wrath. Your righteousness, therefore, is revealed in Christ, by whom we are justified.