I do not deserve justification, yet You give it to me simply because I have faith in Your Son, who gives me Your peace. Therefore, I rejoice in Your hope and grace. Even when I suffer I shall rejoice, for You enable me to endure, which builds my character, which enables me to continually rely on Your hope, for it never shames me since You have given me Your Holy Spirit, who pours Your love on me.

Christ died for me even though I was ungodly and weak. Even as a filthy sinner, You chose to die for me. Your blood justifies me—covering my sins and sheltering me from God’s wrath. I was God’s enemy, and You reconciled me as His friend. One man brought sin and death into the world, and so through one man Jesus Christ, life and righteousness are brought into the world as a gift. Through Adam I was made a sinner, but through You by God’s grace I am made righteous, in which You give me life.

All the thanks and glory be to God, who reigns now and forevermore.