Through the body of Christ I have died to the Law, enabling me to bear the fruit of the Spirit. When I lived under the Law, I could only live in the flesh and all my efforts would lead to death. Now, being released from the Law, I serve the Spirit of God who leads me to life. Without the Law, we would not know sin. Under the Law, I am wicked, for it reveals Your holiness and thus kills me. Now that I am under Your grace, I have been released from the Law and live towards a new life. Still, though, I struggle with sin—doing the evil I do not desire rather than the good I desire to do. I do not understand these actions. But no longer is it I who do it, but the sin that remains in me. Who can deliver me from such sinful concupiscence. Jesus Christ has—having released me from the burdens of the Law as I await the final culmination of being fully sanctified at His glorious return.