I will not suffer condemnation because of Your graciousness, for Your Spirit has set me free from sin and death. O, how I often forget this and dwell in my guilt and shame. Help me to remember always Your redemption. You have done what I cannot do—You fulfilled the Law on my behalf and have condemned my sin. Praise and glory be to God my Father! Help my mind, then, to be set on the Spirit rather than the flesh, for I tire of my weakness and wish instead to walk in the Spirit. I belong to You because I have Your Spirit, and so I walk in Him. Therefore, when I die, I know I shall rise again.

You have made me Your son [daughter] in the Spirit. So I cry to You, “Abba!” Abba, deliver me from the sin that seizes my will! As Your heir, I gladly suffer, for Your power is made evident in my weakness. Though my suffering besets me, it is nothing compared to the glory to be revealed. I wait eagerly for Your return, for while creation groans for Your return, my soul aches for Your glory. Even when I am in too much despair, and my suffering is ineffable, Your Spirit prays on my behalf. What a tremendous gift You have given in Baptism, O Lord. Your Spirit knows my heart, who intercedes when my despair has no words.

Since You are for me, who can be against me? The futility of my enemies’ audacity to oppose You is foolishness. Even when they threaten my faith, their threats shall come to naught, for my hope rests in the glory of Christ to come. No enemy of mine can judge me, for You alone justify, and You have justified me in Christ. No one can separate me from You. Through You I conquer. Nothing in death nor life can separate me from You, no angel or demon or earthly ruler, no present or future persecution, no governmental power, no human power, nor anything else that exists can separate me from Your love.