My desire for all is for them to be saved. I burn with a zeal for Your Gospel, and to make the message known to all. But people seek to establish their own righteousness—they could build a monument to their narcissism. Seeking to justify themselves, they remain ignorant of Your righteousness. Christ is the end of our self-justification—in Him alone we find Your righteousness. Whomever keeps Your commandments is righteous, but these works humans cannot achieve. Accordingly, You have placed Your Word in my heart—Your Word I cannot help but speak. It is this faith by which You enabled me to confess Christ as Lord whom You raised from the dead for my salvation. In Your unfathomable graciousness, You offer this faith—this salvation—to all.

I thank You, therefore, for the preaching of Your Word which enacted this faith in me. I have heard the Word, in which You are active, through which You gifted me faith for salvation. I, a mere wretch, You drew near to Yourself with Your Word. In my disobedience You yet called me into Yourself. Your glory, O Lord, I shall forever praise.