I rejoice in Your Word, O Father. Transform my will to match Your will and renew my mind to discern Your will. Help me to distinguish between my will and Your will, and to desire Your will over mine. You have taught me to use sober judgement on myself—counting myself no higher than others. Thank You for the Church, and for my home church. We are many members in the one body Christ. You have shown me much love in Your wonderful children.

As I endeavour to be a pastor, teach me how to continue being a servant to others, to teach with meekness, to exhort with kind assertiveness yet urgency, and to always lead with zeal in the Lord. Grant me patience in tribulation, that I may pray frequently. Not just for my sake, but more for the sake of the saints. When I weep with those who weep, may You use me to show them Your compassion. Eliminate any pride I may have and replace it with Your humility. Grant me the ability to live peaceably with all. I await Your vengeance against my enemies, yet I pray for their salvation. In the meantime, give me the strength to act mercifully toward them, that they may know Your love, even if it’s only a single glimpse.