No authority exists that has not come down from You. If I resist good government, I resist You. Impart Your wisdom to those who govern with authority, that they may bring Your justice against the evildoer, reward the good citizen, and protect its citizens. Protect my President from all evil, and give him wisdom to rule with just wisdom. May he come to recognise his authority comes from You, and reveres You accordingly. Give him wisdom to watch over his people and to be vigilant in their protection. May he come to know You as Lord, according to Your will.

Teach me to love others, that I may do no harm to my neighbour, thus fulfilling the Law, for this love comes from Christ, who fulfilled the Law. Take the darkness away from me and let Your light shine, for my salvation is near. Discipline me in Christ, that I may no longer indulge in the immoralities of the flesh—whether drunkenness, sexual immorality, contention, or coveting.

Your will be done.