When a brother or sister in Christ is weak in their faith, help me to welcome them and teach them rather than quarrel with them about what they’ve done wrong. If one lives differently than I do on issues of adiaphora, reserve my judgements and lead me to build a friendship with them. We are all Your servants; therefore, a servant cannot judge another servant. Only the master can judge; You alone are Judge.

I live not for myself. You are my Creator; therefore, I live for You and I die for You. Even those who do not know You belong to You, for You are Lord and Creator of all. When I stand before You in judgement and must give an account of myself, I can account for nothing but my guilt, deserving Your just wrath. Yet thanks be to God that I am covered in the justifying blood of Christ, blameless before You for His sake.

If I practise a thing offensive to a brother or sister—though it is not sinful—give me the wisdom to abstain in their presence in order to honour them and not cause them to stumble. May I seek peace to build them up.